Lead qualification

You have access to all your contact’s information and to all their activities (web visits, submitted forms, opened emails, etc.). This data is automatically enriched in real time by their behavior in the website by the data you synchronize from your CRM.

Use this information creating targeted campaigns qualify your leads even more, close more deals and increase your revenue.

Lead scoring

Setting up a lead scoring strategy allows you to identify the most interesting contacts for your your sales team.

Automatically assign points to your contacts or target companies based on the demographics and / or behavioral information you have.
Build automate campaigns based on the score of your leads to send them the most appropriate information to their status and maturity.
Automatically trigger actions like notifications or sync to your CRM as soon as your contact has reached a determined targeted score!

Automated segmentation

The data segmentation can be done automatically according to your defined relevant criteria. With Webmecanik Automation you can quickly and easily create as many segments as you want, updated automatically in real time, to dynamically qualify the right contacts in the right campaigns at the right time. Well-targeted nurturing has never been this easy.

Deep Account Based Management (ABM)

Our Marketing Automation software gives you the ability to set up a strategy at the account/company level of your contacts.

Identify the company’s name behind your anonymous visitors, trace the group activity of your contacts belonging to the same company and keep your employees informed about all the actions and activities associated with the same account. Thus, you ensure the best experience possible for your leads.

A software to boost your team's productivity

During a live demo, discover all the features of Webmecanik Automation to easily and quickly set up the marketing automation strategy for your business. Increase your business growth by improving the your team’s productivity.

Webmecanik Automation

Webmecanik Automation offers you all the tools you need to analyze and track your visitors, feed the relationship with your leads and convert them into customers. The Webmecanik guarantee is the certainty of being accompanied by a team of trainers and a qualified and close support.

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