Email marketing

Email marketing is still the main communication support for your digital marketing team.

Easily create your emails using one of the well-designed templates in the email editor to prepare your communications in a few minutes. Depending on the purpose of your email, you can quickly set-up newsletters, automated campaigns or auto-reply emails directly generated from your RSS feed.

It’s easy to optimize your conversion rates with the A/B testing native functionality to increase opening, click and lead generation rates.

A/B Testing

One of the best ways to understand what works best for your targets is iterative work. But it is also necessary to have the tools of effectively measure each iteration.

That’s why we’ve introduced A/B testing as a feature at the heart of your emailing and landing page system. With each modification or variant, the indicators are clearly identified and separated so that you can make the right decisions and continually improve your marketing and sales performance.

Dynamic content

Dynamic content allows you to show your contacts and visitors the most relevant content adapted to their profile based on their behavior and the demographic information you have.

Very easy to use on all communication channels (emails, SMS, notifications, web pages, etc.), you have a wide choice of variables. You can display the name or the first name of your contact. However, you can go even further in personalization by changing all content, blocks, images and even call-to-action based on the behavioral history of the contact or his profile. It’s a little bit obvious, but would you address yourself identically to an engineer and to a buyer?


More than just an emailing platform, Webmecanik Automation offers you a wide range of communication tools.

The SMS is one of them. With more than 88% of the population equipped with a telephone, it represents a media on its own. Studies on SMS Marketing announce a reading rate of around 98% (Arcep, Médiamétrie and, within three minutes  after its reception on average.

Twitter monitoring

Social media activity can be a cloudy with a chance of rain area for your business. Often difficult to follow and listen to, you have the possibility to recover in real time the contacts that use mentions and hashtags you follow.

Webmecanik Automation primarily allows you to program automated campaigns. You can send all these new leads a tweet to redirect them to your relevant content, for example, to gather even more information and turn your leads into real opportunities.

Web and mobile notifications

As you know, almost all your prospects and customers go back and forth on your site. This point of contact is a key moment in the decision act.

Webmecanik Automation suggests to set-up a pop-in system on your site to invite the visitor to take action during his activity or when he is about to leave your page. You can even turn these on-site notifications into web and/or mobile notifications to retargeting at any time in your campaigns.

Email deliverability

Crucial issue, often complicated and poorly controlled by companies, we chose to join the French company Mailjet, the European leader in emailing and the first email editor to comply with the GDPR (ISO 27001 certified).

Our years of collaboration brought us undeniable expertise to achieve record deliverability rates. Through this partnership, you get to focus on your marketing and commercial missions and we bring you the best technical solution of the market so that your emails arrive in the right place and at the right time.

A software to boost your team's productivity

During a live demo, discover all the features of Webmecanik Automation to easily and quickly set up the marketing automation strategy for your business. Increase your business growth by improving the your team’s productivity.

Webmecanik Automation

Webmecanik Automation offers you all the tools you need to analyze and track your visitors, feed the relationship with your leads and convert them into customers. The Webmecanik guarantee is the certainty of being accompanied by a team of trainers and a qualified and close support.

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