Webmecanik is the guarantee of a tailor-made support

Among Webmecanik's values you will find proximity and commitment. These values make us the only marketing automation software to help you from the understanding of your needs until the implementation of your campaigns.


Define your strategy

Before starting to work with our marketing automation software, Webmecanik introduces you to inbound marketing and marketing automation concepts.

This is an essential step that allows us to correctly identify your business issues and define specific goals in order to build a strategy, a road map.

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Follow a personalized training program

Once your strategy is ready, comes the training phase. The Webmecanik coaches teach you to master all the subtleties and best practices of a marketing automation software.

In different stages, according to your maturity and your needs, our trainers make you autonomous on the segmentation, the implementation of a GDPR strategy, the construction of the campaigns, the omnichannel communication, etc. through different modules.

Our trainers are experienced and our training certified. We are also a training organization which allows you to get financed by your OPCA (in France).


Let’s implement your campaigns

Once the roadmap is established and the implementation skills acquired, we implement your first campaign with you.

Thus, after the strategic and practical training, your first campaigns are already set up and functional. You can already benefit from setting up your marketing automation software.


We follow you throughout the journey

We accompany our users not only when signing the contract, but on a regular basis. An account manager is assigned to you and will make sure that you have all the elements and skills to evolve favorably with your software.

Located in France, the technical support is at your disposal everyday, ready for you and your needs. You can also have access to a special line if needed, with the VIP line service.

Finally, you have a FAQ and a complete documentation in English and in French to help you find the answers to your questions.

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Still need a little help?

You may experience turnovers in your team, unexpected events or other priorities that delay you on your marketing automation actions.

Webmecanik can advise you punctually or durably with services à la carte. Thus, you can focus on the essentials while ensuring that your road map is followed to the letter!

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