Mautic and Webmecanik, what is the deal?

Mautic is an open source marketing automation software. By definition, it is a technology whose code is accessible and belongs to the entire community.

Webmecanik was the first company to invest in this open source project since Mautic’s first version in 2015. Today, we are its biggest contributor, after the developers of Mautic themselves. Thus, in a few years we have developed the greatest expertise related to Mautic on the market. This allows us to collaborate today with more than 300 companies using our version of Mautic hosted in our Cloud.z

Our job on this? Host Mautic, maintain it, update it, fix bugs, set up servers, create features, etc. It’s simple, it’s to offer to you a ready to work environment without any extra settings or extra costs for you!

What are the benefits of Open Source?

We chose the open source path because community sharing is one of our strong values. And this has some advantages! Even with our modest size, we benefit from the work of hundreds of developers around the world. In addition, Mautic very often brings new features and makes sure to be at the forefront of the market.The software has also been awarded best open source solution (2015), best marketing automation software (2017) and 2018 by Forbes, best ROI solution(2019).

It is also the guarantee of an open solution to the outside world and which makes it possible to have many plugins to your different technical ecosystems (CRM, ERP, etc.).

What is the future of Open Source?

The future of Open Source is very bright (you all know WordPress or Drupal).
Google, Facebook and Microsoft today offer the majority of their innovations based on open source frameworks. Even software publishers who boast of having their own technology are actually based on open source languages and frameworks.

The open source is the guarantee of viability of the solution over time because it is not based on a simple company , but on a global community that will continue to develop the solution.

Mautic 3, what is it?

Mautic 3 is the future major version of Mautic on which we contribute and actively work at Webmecanik. Scheduled for the end of 2019, it will bring a new user experience and all new technologies for performance beyond the scope of what regular solutions can offer on the market.

It is also a first step towards automating marketing automation. And beware, because Webmecanik is at the forefront (we are a member of the core team of Mautic) and we will make sure that the solution will meet all your expectations.

What does Webmecanik bring to Open Source?

By definition, the open source is open to everyone, but that does not mean that is “easy”. If you are not a fine technician, it will be very complicated to manage it alone. Especially since the target of a marketing automation tool is the marketer!

At Webmecanik, we implement all the “side tasks” that will allow marketing teams to focus on their job: hosting, maintenance, support, GDPR compliance, updates, debug, functional developments, training, consulting. Choosing Webmecanik as a Mautic expert, it is the assurance of concentrating on the essential: the customer relationship and the development of your commercial activity.

Mautic resources

We put at your disposal resources to better understand Mautic marketing automation software and the choice of Webmecanik for this open source solution.

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