Email marketing

Easily create and customize your emails. Using our large range of high-performance templates, designing great reusable models in WYSIWYG is not a problem anymore. Tou don’t have to worry about deliverability, we take care of everything with our partner Mailjet, the European leader in sending emails.

Personalize your emails to each of your contacts with a dynamically adapted content to boost your opening and click rates.

Finally, you can use marketing emails as a simple monthly newsletter, or choose to go much further by integrating them into automated nurturing campaigns so that your emails reach each recipient at the most convenient moment.

A/B Testing

Working on the subject of your email is probably the best way to increase your opening rate. With our A/B Testing feature, you can create as many variations you like to know which type of teaser best fits your audience.

You can also use the A/B test inside your email to improve the click rate or the number of visits generated on your website. It’s simple, fast and our marketing automation software highlights the most relevant variant!

Dynamic content

Dynamically present the most relevant content according to your audience. That is the dynamic content essence.

Through the various communication channels (email, SMS, notifications, etc.), adapt and personalize the content to be displayed automatically to your contacts according to many behavioral and demographic criteria.
Whether it is the simple display of your contact’s first name, whether you want to adapt the images and the paragraphs of your emails according to their identified industry, this is possible and in just a few clicks!

Email deliverability

Efficient email automation requires irreproachable deliverability. We work with the deliverability team of Mailjet, the leading European email technology partner, 100% made in France and RGPD compliant. We make sure the messages arrive where they are expected to: your contact’s inbox.

In addition, be aware that sending emails by automation has a very positive effect on your deliverability. For example, Gmail prefers an almost unique email that an identical email in 10,000 copies received at once in the email box of its customers.  Another reason to have automation and improve your performance.

RSS to Email

Make sure your audience never misses your articles. We know that producing interesting content takes time. In order to you to focus on this task, we’ve created the RSS to Email.

Your email is automatically filled with the content of your RSS or Atom feed (from a blog for example). You just have to choose the day you want to spread your news!
It’s a great way to send quality content to your contacts, increase your brand awareness and push new opportunities for your leads to click on targeted calls-to-action.

A software to boost your team's productivity

During a live demo, discover all the features of Webmecanik Automation to easily and quickly set up the marketing automation strategy for your business. Increase your business growth by improving the your team’s productivity.

Webmecanik Automation

Webmecanik Automation offers you all the tools you need to analyze and track your visitors, feed the relationship with your leads and convert them into customers. The Webmecanik guarantee is the certainty of being accompanied by a team of trainers and a qualified and close support.

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