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July 31, 2018: Webmecanik, the first Marketing Automation Cloud and Open-Source Software Vendor in Europe, announced today a strong first semester. The turnover increased by 30% including 27 new customers including renowned names such as Mondial Relay, Crédit Agricole CashinTime, Reed Exhibition, Avea La Poste and Engie. The company has been breakeven since the last 2017 quarter and is keep increasing its profitability.

Fast adoption of Webmecanik as an alternative to expensive, closed marketing automation solutions such as Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce Pardot, or Hubspot has been a key driver in the company’s growth. Five new partners joined the 60 members of the Webmecanik resellers community in Europe.

To stay ahead of the global demand in alternative to closed vendors, Webmecanik recruited Chloé Khoury to answer the global international demand and growth, Aymeric François for France business development. Two new software developers joined the team to accelerate the innovation.

“The rapid adoption of our Webmecanik  Automation in SaaS platform with customers in eight different countries - including the USA - highlights the market need for a flexible and agile alternative to the big marketing automation vendors” said Stephane Couleaud, CEO of Webmecanik.

Webmecanik also increased investments including establishing its datacenters in France, Switzerland and the USA. As the company continues to build new capabilities into the Webmecanik Automation Platform, Webmecanik enables its customers to achieve GDPR compliance including dedicated scenarios and specific processes. 98% of the Enterprise market could benefit of the Webmecanik platform to be compliant with GDPR in their customer relationship efforts.

“This market momentum proves our ability to be maniacally focused on our customers needs, where the major US vendors adopt smoke-screen strategy”.

On September 4th Webmecanik will sponsor the international AutomationDay event in Lyon - France. More than 10 conferences and 20 workshops - dedicated to automate and personalize the entire digital experience - will be animated by enterprise users, agency integrators, and software vendors coming from all over Europe. David Hurley, founder of the Mautic marketing automation open-source community, will share his Martech (Marketing Technologies) vision.

About Webmecanik

Webmecanik is the leading marketing automation cloud and open-source software vendor in Europe.

More than 300 clients and 70 marketing agencies through 9 countries trust the 15 employees based in Annecy and Paris. Webmecanik guarantees the sustainability of marketing investments of its users with more than 200 developers worldwide.

Webmecanik Automation is the behavioral analysis of prospects and customers synchronized with the data present in legacy CRM and ERP systems. Merged with sales information, Webmecanik Automation automatically triggers the right message to the right person at the right time. The management of the customer relationship is total and omni-channel, from email to social networks. Sales people are alerted with up-to-date information in real time.

Stéphane CouleaudStephane Couleaud is the founder & president of Webmecanik.
Pioneering CRM Marketing in 1999 by founding OdaïkO to automate the reward-recommendation-sales process, Stéphane has for 25 years been both an expert in software solutions for data marketing. He founded Webmecanik in the French Alps and has been providing since 2015 an alternative to expensive, closed marketing automation solutions such as Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Salefsorce Pardot, or Hubspot. With the most flexible and fast growthing open-source marketing automation solution available, Stéphane's challenge is now to include preconfigured scoring data and scenarios in the all-in-one solution. Stéphane and his team are working on predictive marketing using artificial intelligence with the most advanced French laboratories on data analysis, thus to enable easy-to-deploy and rewarding marketing campaigns.

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