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How to choose the right marketing automation tool? You are convinced that Inbound Marketing will help your business flourish and you need a marketing automation software to implement your strategy. But where to start? These platforms are invading the market and you have to be sure to choose the one that best suits your activity.

We have decided to offer you a software comparison to show you how close you are from your next step. All you have to do is find the one that will make you happy and successful. 


French leader in Marketing Automation open source softwares, Mautic has more than 150 developers in the world. This SaaS solution offers a stable version hosted in France. Customers can enjoy real proximity with support and a guarantee of GDPR compliance. 


Hubspot is platform of a series of softwares dedicated to organizations with an inbound marketing strategy. Historical actor in this domaine, it is with no surprise that he remains leader in marketing automation. Its different softwares allow to build personalized relationships with contacts from the first interaction to customer loyalty. 


Marketo is one of the world's leading marketing automation softwares. It was created to offer marketers a way to personalize their interactions with their clients and to provide them with detailed reports on their activity. The company offers different products that focus on customer marketing and data analysis. It is essentially intended to large and medium sized organizations. 


Created in 1999, Eloqua was the first marketing automation solutionAcquired in 2013 by Oracle, Eloqua is considered a cloud solution, successful in B2B. It is mainly aimed used by medium sized companies looking for a technical solution that counts a good number of APIs and added services.

Lucile CazesMarketing Manager chez Webmecanik, mon rôle de chef d'orchestre me permet de créer et mettre en place notre stratégie webmarketing. Pour cela, ma curiosité (qui n'est plus un vilain défaut !) est le meilleur atout pour vous proposer du contenus de qualité, des astuces et bonnes pratiques du Marketing Automation & Inbound Marketing. 

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